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More Than 20 Years in Jewelry

Since 2000

Begin the business:

Lombok NTB Pearls is a company which offering Pearl Jewelry, Pearl’s shell, combined with Silver, Gold, Woods, and Leather with premium quality. This business is established by Riana Meilia in 2000. However, Riana Meilia has been dealing with pearl craft since early 1990s. It needs two year for her to learn about pearl and its farming. In the beginning, Riana Meilia only sells fresh water pearl, low grade pearl, and Mabe pearl. Somehow, she found it was difficult to sell low grade pearl, then in 2000 she decided to move to top quality pearl.

Riana Meilia


“I sell top quality pearls since 2000, my selling is pretty good. Even though, it is not easy to find the best quality, it requires persistence and patience. The obstacles worth the result I get” said Riana Meilia in one of her interview.
Since it is established in 2000, Lombok NTB Pearl has got numerous awards in national level. Our Vision is to be the best local pearl jewelry company in the archipelago and the world. And our mission is prioritizing original design and using the best quality materials as the part of our commitment to our beloved customers.

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